School Project Index

A collection of all uploaded projects done by a student during a Web Design class

Assignments are listed in chronological order

Online News Article — To News Article Assignment This assignment was used to put paragraphs, headers, and span tags into practice.

News Hub — To My News Hub Assignment This assignment was an extension of the previous, used to teach how to link pages and documents together and when it is appropriate for them to open in a new tab.

Starter Gallery — To Starter Gallery Assignment This assignment was about putting images and dimensions into practice. (though I had accidentally set the width when the assignment had called for setting the height)

Building a Table — To Building Tables Assignment This assignment's objective was two-fold: learn how to use tables, and show how useful they are when used for their semantic purpose.

Math Test — To Math Test Form Assignment This assignment was about making forms, specifically how to put together multi-choice options and text boxes.

Color Scheme — To Color Scheme Assignment This assignment taught how to use color in HTML documents.

Restaurant Menu — To Restaurant Menu Assignment This assignment was designed to have the student implement lists, organizational strategies, and backgrounds.

Stylish Schedule — To Stylish Schedule Assignment

Staff Page — To Staff Page Assignment

Flexible Puzzle — To A Flexible Puzzle Assignment ("puzzle" should be in 3x3 grid: if not, please increase your window size)

Scorecards — To Scorecards Assignment

Imitations — To Imitation Assignment This assignment was about employing new code added by CSS3 to edit images from the browser. NOT COMPATIBLE WITH ALL BROWSERS.

Review Cards — To Review Cards Assignment This assignment dealt with using CSS to create animations. Since Javascript was not taught during the course, the animations are extremely simplistic.

Responsive Blog Post — To Responsive Blog Post Assignment This assignment was all about making a "blog" that has a user-friendly design for desktops, cellphones, and printers.

Final Project — To the Final Project The final project was about creating a website around something you know a lot about. Keep in mind that none of the videos work—this is because Neocities really hates locally uploaded videos for some reason, and there was no time to upload them to a third-party site.

Last Updated January 13, 2019